Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SUMMER RECAP: Brussels and Bruge, Belgium

 I started out my summer trips this year in Brussels! Here is the start of the recap of my adventure!

I arrived in Belgium ready to enjoy myself and eat the 4 foodgroups of belgium

1. Chocolate (oh MY god)
2. beer
3. waffles
4. fries

Here are some photos of my time in Brussels. I made an awesome traveler friend- one of those traveler friends that you end up spending a few days consecutively with! We went on a tour of town and we went on a beer tour where I learned all about Belgian beer!

Our tour guide for the beer and city tour was AWESOME and he invited us to hang out with us the next night. So we went to this park a little outside the city for some live music and some awesome times playing frisbee in gorgeous weather!!

The third day was Mac's birthday so we decided to do a chocolate tour! We tried many different types of chocolates from each different famous belgian chocolatier and then explored the comic book museum.

Pierre Marcollini was my favorite-  I just fell in love with the chocolates. They are so reach and single sourced for each type with plantations all around the world. The most high quality chocolate I have ever had the chance to taste.

And then on my last day I decided to go to Bruge with my Mac. We had a great time exploring the beautiful canals and then I got to go to the chocolate museum! Yay!!

 Belgium was great, and I would definitely go back!  I feel like it might not be one of the top destinations on a lot of people lists but I don't regret going in any way. It was a great easy start to my trip and met some incredible friends.

Up next, Berlin!

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