Monday, March 16, 2015

Money on Monday: The numbers

I want to keep better track of what I actually spend on traveling. So I am going to start by logging the specifics of my savings RIGHT now. That means I will be updating with what I have saved, what I expect to have saved, and what I want those savings to get me through:

Savings when I returned from last travels (December 19th 2014)- $3,000

Savings January 31st- $5,100

Expected Savings May 31st (when I leave again)- $10,200

In my last money on Monday post I talked a lot about how I was making this money and such. So now I will begin actually documenting exactly what I am spending.

For a long time I kept everything in a note on my iphone, but now I have finally created a spreadsheet to keep track of all my finances.

 I just followed the wikihow page for how to set it up.

I have been doing a pretty good job of keeping it up to date. And it has really helped me keep up with my finances.

In addition I am hoping to use it to extensively track my travel expenses to figure out where I am spending money and how I am spending it- i want to know the true cost of travel. I want to know how far $10,000 will take me. I broke down my expenses into accommodation, food and drink, fun, transportation, etc.

That way at the end of my travels I can see what I am doing money wise. So let's see if in 9 weeks (NINE WEEKS!!) I meet my financial goals and how far that money takes me.

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