Sunday, August 24, 2014

My love for Vondelpark

This place was my favorite part of Amsterdam.  Living 3 blocks away was absolutely incredible.

I spent the afternoons playing on the 5 different playgrounds and open green space. We had so much fun. Lying in the grass, eating ice cream and laughing for joy. We blew bubbles, we raced through ropes course, and we learned about the lives of the dutch. The girls met and laughed with dutch children, chased dogs, and watched the world go by.

Whenever we rented bikes we rode around for ages making laps in the park with shouts of faster faster faster following me the whole time. I shared more giggles with those girls in Vondelpark that anywhere.

A very hard place to say goodbye too.

In the evenings vondelpark was my safe haven. I would take a walk every night after dinner. I would clear my head. I would see the bikes the lovers the families and the travelers. I would vow continuously to come back to that city as soon as I could.

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