Monday, January 26, 2015

Talking about Money on Monday: Money for Travel

It's the biggest constrant for me (and many as travelers). Money. Money money money....
And the ironic part is I am extremely nonmaterialistic. But as the saying goes, traveling is the only thing you can buy that actually makes you richer.

People don't usually like to talk about money. But I AM going to talk about it. Because it constitutes a lot of what I think about and plan about as I travel. So I am going to share the money I am making, my budgets, my past budgets, and all other things money related on here every monday as I prepare for my upcoming trip with no end point.

I have spent 3 summers traveling Europe, and 4 months living in France. Those are not inexpensive trips in any manner- and yet I was able to do all of them. How you may wonder? Well when I started out traveling I had tons of savings from my childhood, so that funding a few trips (we are talking around $10,000 made from my babysitting empire in highschool). And then after 7 months in Europe that money ran out completely. So the next spring while in school I made $4,000. I know- that's a lot of money to make in four months while a student. And no I didn't use some get rick quick scheme or have some trick. I just worked. A LOT. Curious about how much I actually worked? Check out this post.  This semester I hope to make $7,000 in savings.

Why is this possible? Well thankfully because of my parents, and the financial aid program at my school, I will graduate without students loans and have all my expenses covered as I am at school. That means that money I make goes straight in my pocket.

This semester, I am working for 4 different families as a Nanny/babysitter and I am only in 2 classes, so I am making a considerable amount of money per week ($600-700 tax free). I spent a lot of time searching down these families and finding people that would be suitable for my schedule but I have figured out how to work in all my clients on my schedule:

9:00-12:00 Babysit Fam1
12:45- class
2:00-6:00- Fam2

8:00-6pm- Fam3

9:00-12:00- Fam4
12:45- class
2:30-5:30- Fam1

8:00-12:00- teach children's classes (my other part-time job)
12:30-3:30- Fam1
4:00- class

9:00-1:00- Fam4
2:00-6:00- Fam2

8:00-1:30- teach children's classes

2:00-6:00- run children's birthday parties

I don't take days off. I dont take free time, and I don't say no. And THAT is how I am saving all my money.

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