Thursday, April 10, 2014

Saving for travel: Typical week

I have been working myself pretty close to death to save up enough money for my upcoming 4 months of travel! This is just a snapshot of one typical week for me working my 3-4 different jobs and being a full-time student!

8-1:30 - babysit for infant ($65)
2:00-5:30- teach gymboree classes ($35)

AM class
2:30-6:00- regulat nanny job ($45)
6:30-11:30- Extra babysitting job ($60)

5:30am-9:30am- Morning nanny job ($45)
2:30-6:00- normal nanny job ($45)
6:30-10:30- extra babysitting job ($45)

AM classs
2:30-6:00- normal nanny job ($45)

10:30-12:30- lab work ($25)
2:30-6:00- normal nanny job ($45)
6:00-10:30- babysit infant ($55)

6pm- babysitting job ($65)

2 hour gymboree birthday party ($50)

TOTAL:  $600

So that is this week that I am currently in. It is a little busier than normal but not that far off the norm for me. I also have very little expenses (housing and food are covered by school) so all the money I make basically comes right to me to spend! Or save  like I do.

This should give you some insight and help explain how I have saved over $4,000 dollars in just under 4 months being a full-time student.

PS- 29 DAYS UNTIL I LEAVE AGAIN!!! ahhhhhhhahahahahah

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