Monday, April 7, 2014

Eating and Drinking asheville

Food and Drink of Asheville: 

We visited LAB twice for drinks. The first time we had beers, which were wonderful, and some salad and hummus. The food was a little overpriced but the beer was reasonable. and delicious. It had a really fun atmosphere. Once we were there early in the evening, and just watched people walk by on the street out front. The other time we were there late into the night until closing time. Both times were completely a blast! We didn't want to leave the last night but they were closing up. The second time we go mixed drinks which were really reasonably priced. The bar was fun and open, and slightly rustic with good music. I would recommend it as a place to hang out, without the long bar wait like at other bars in the area. 

Early Girl Eatery
This was our first breakfast choice and we almost went back because it was so great. It is very traditional, southern style, with a fun atmosphere. The home fries were to die for- I would go back just for those. But also the jam they had on the table was some of the best Jam that I have ever in my life tasted. I would have eaten there multiple times. They also serve lunch! However if you end up combatting crowds, Tupelo Honey, over easy, and earth fare are all supposed to be fabulous breakfast spots!

We hit up Mayfels for our last breakfast mostly because everywhere else was already full and didn't have anywhere for us to sit for an hour, but it turned out to be really great! It was New Orleans style southern food and had a good but traditional menu. We loved being outside on their patio.

Market Place-
This place is surely a more romantic fancy place, but we wanted to check it out anyway. We went on Saturday night for our last fancy dinner. The waiter was great, and so was the food. Literally we wanted to order every single dish on the Menu, but settled for only a few. Em raved about the mussels and Mac and Cheese, while I adored the indian cauliflower. The flavors were incredible! This place was a wonderful choice for a more fancy dinner.

We were recommended to go to Mela's by a local. Originally we had not planned on going to Indian food while in Asheville but after hearing how great it was I decided we had to go. Emily wasn't a huge Indian food fan, but Kam and I love it so we convinced her. It did not disappoint one bit. Holy cow was it GOOD! That was some of the best Indian food I have ever had. We split two veggie dishes and naan. I could not have been happier and completely stuffed myself to the brim. It was a food comma meal but very worth it. 

Social Lounge-
We got drinks here the first night and their cocktails were INCREDIBLE! But, they were expensive. We loved being upstairs on the roof with the fresh air and cute strung lights hung around. The atmosphere was worth it.

Thirsty Monk-
I am a huge fan of Belgian beer- it is my favorite kind of beer so when I heard they had a Belgian beer bar I was determined to go! The Belgian bar is in the basement of Thirsty Monk. This basement bar was by far one of my favorite places of the week. They bar tender was super informative and they had SO many great beers. We got delirium tremes, duvel, leffe, westminter trippel and more. I was happy with all my choices and options. Plus the underground bar vibe was a lot of fun.

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