Thursday, April 10, 2014

48 hours in Rome: End Result

If you thought Americans were obnoxious on their own, wait until you have to get 5 still drunk American guys through airport security at 7AM. Then you see how bad Americans really are.

Yes when you go out until 5am before having to get up at 6 to leave for the airport you are guaranteed to have some trouble. It was ugly, it was funny, and it was all good…. until one of the aforementioned got sick on the plane (luckily in the bathroom).

 As obnoxious as we were, it was one way to ease the sadness of traveling back to our home base.

And hey, did we use every moment of our 48 hours to the best of our abilities. Success? You can't deny the answer to that is hell Yes!

 As long as you weren’t within 20 feet of us at the Rome airport that  Sunday morning….

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