Monday, April 28, 2014

Malta: To heaven and back

For my fourth weekend in Europe while I was living in France I flew really cheaply to Malta.

My Weekend in Malta was fabulous. Such a beautiful warm sunny getaway. Cheap and amazing country. It's such a must-visit place!!!

We got in late on friday night, checked into our hostel, and quickly made friends. We stayed at Hostel Malti which was a 18 euro cab ride from the airport and it was such a great place! We really like it and it had such a friendly atmosphere with a great rooftop space.

Then we headed to paceville which is the place to go out in Malta. It was so MUCH fun! I have no idea what bar we are at, or where we went other than it was a blast, we made tons of friends and the place was extremely cheap.

We woke up on Saturday in not the best form, to say the least....

So we had to rally to the best of our ability and headed to the blue lagoon on the north side of the island. The blue lagoon is like the place to go in Malta. It was an hour on the bus, and then 20 minute boat ride.

Luckily, it was incredible. Beyond beautiful. You can just wade into the water and its the perfect temperature! It is the bluest water I have ever seen. We got perfect sunny and 80 degree weather.

We tanned and sat, then went exploring and cliff jumping.

After that we paid only 10 euros to go on an awesome tubing adventure!

Ridiculously fun. We couldn't get over saying how this was the

We brought a bottle of malibu and finished it overlooking the water in the last of the sunny hours. It was literally amazing. I think this was a dream....

It ended with a boat ride back to the island (which got pretty comic after a bottle of malibu....)

We made some awesome friends that night in Paceville! There were SO many wonderful people staying at our hostel.

The next morning with railed together 3 of them to join us for a day of hanging out at the beach (or I guess some rocks by water) again. Gotta soak up the sun while you can!

Sun and some beers. A good day. We caught a flight out that night, and cannot WAIT to go back!

What a fabulous weekend all around!

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