Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hiking and Hunger games: Western NC

We were dying to get out to the wood during our trip, and so decided Sunday would be the hiking day before leaving town. We were originally going to go up into the mountains and explore some peaks for views. But we got pulled into the idea of going to the waterfall where they filmed the Hunger Games. So this is the scene were Katniss finds injured Peeta along the water. It was not much of a hike, but it was beautiful with 3 flowing massive waterfalls.

The drive to Dupont national park was about an hour and way out in no-where south of Asheville. Once we arrived the office gave us a map and talked us through where everything would be. We headed off to go to triple falls first (from the hunger games). And it was beautiful!


This is the help me Katniss shot... very necessary

We also hiking over to highfalls which was equally as stunning, although you couldn't climb around the water levels like triple falls

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