Thursday, April 10, 2014

Brewery Tour Asheville

Friday afternoon/early evening we took a brewery tour since there are SO many fabulous local breweries in Asheville. We started at hi-wire brewery and then were driven first to French Broad Brewery. French Broad was a really small brewery and had a very intimate atmosphere. We tasted 5-6 beers at each location so it was hard to keep track of everything we tasted. They had a really great dark beer, as well as a bubbly type.

After French Broad we went to Highland. I really liked Highland because it was up on a mountain and massive with a huge outdoor seating area as well. We started off we two beers and took them with us into the factory room so that we could walk around and learn about making the beer. One of the brewers was is there and really great- he let us try beer straight from the tap. Highland beers had a lot of interesting flavors including ones with chocolate undertones which I took a liking too. Emily liked a more spicey, smokey one which was also fabulous.

Our last stop was back to hi-wire brewery. I honestly do not remember much about the beers there. I know we tried an IPA that wasn't too bad ( I am not a big IPA fan) and otherwise I had already had 6-7 beers, was beered out, and don't remember the differences. Hi-wire was a great brewery though, and small with a fun atmosphere. You could see their brewing tanks right in front of you.

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