Thursday, April 10, 2014

Italy: 24 hours in Rome part 1

My first free weekend in france I flew out to spend a weekend in Rome. Here's a recount of my time there!

So me and 5 friends from my program went to Rome for the weekend three weeks ago! It was so fun but jam packed. Our flight left at 6:30AM from Marseille which meant a 4:00AM wake up call to catch the bus and then get through security at the airport. We were so excited that it didnt matter

The flight was slightly over an hour and we had arrived in Rome. After taking the train from the airport (really 16 euros!?!?) and checked into our hostel, The Yellow (will review it but here's a heads up-- it was awesome!) Dropped our bags and were off for the day. On the schedule for the day was the Vatican. I have been to Rome before (last summer) but my friend had not so we wanted to go. But we decided to walk our way there- yes walk all the way to the Vatican which if you've ever been to Rome is very far from Termini Station. So we began. We walked towards the Colosseum first. Once you see it you know you are officially in Italy!

Then we walked by the trevi fountain and had slices of pizza for lunch looking at the fountain. Can we be more Italian (and painfully touristy)

Then the long walk to the Vatican. But it took us over an hour to figure out how to get over the Tiber and to the Vatican. Finally figured it out and off we were! Adventure!

We did the Vatican museum first and that was pretty much a breeze. Old stuff and the cystine chapel!

By the way, let's just talk about how hilarious the guards are with their microphones yellow "no photo, no video, no stopping" loud over the crowd.. talk about a mood buster.

After all the old shit we went to the main square of the Vatican, looked around and the walked back.It took again over an hour with a stop off at the spanish steps because they were on the way.

We got back tired but happy! We changed and then cashed in our free drink tickets (from reception!) for some delicious cocktails.

Then the night began. Our other friends turned up, we chatted, made more friends, and enjoyed the ambiance. It was a blast and we went to bed (after too many rounds of beerpong) later than we had hoped but happy none the less!

Day one was a success for sure!

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