Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snapshots: the good things as of late

I know my last post about things going on here sounded a bit whiny, but there are a LOT of great things going on with my work.

So here are some snapshots of the good things.

Baby Selfies

Sunglass Modeling

This nugget who grew up too quick. 

Bouncy House Slides

Giggling with my main little man

The view from the blanket fort 

Intense coloring projects

Feeding Ducks

Princess Weddings

Wishing we could be outside on the cold days

And getting outside on the days that aren't 

Balloons in the backyard

This baby's strong selfie game

Her smile (and whatever got her hiding under a coffee table)

Climbing at the adventure science center

Iceskating all afternoon

Play doh pizza

glow stick dancing

Digging in the yard

Baby giggles

and big girl giggles

and when all else fails, Back seat dance parties to pass the time in traffic

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