Friday, February 6, 2015

(Travel) Flashback Friday: Intro

This series will cover travel I did 2+ years ago that I haven't had the chance to write about yet. While I am still recapping my most recent travels in Nepal, there are things that I haven't shared yet that I want to get out there! I also don't want to foget all of these kick ass incredible experiences I got to have.

Here are some topics that will be coming up on the Flashback Friday posts:
1. Trip to Hawaii - Maui and the Big Island
2. Bareboating in the Bahamas
3. Gautemala
4. Cinque Terre Italy
5. Itinerary of my first Euro-trip
6. Edinburgh, Scotland
7. Sound of Music Tour Austria
8. Hiking in Kitzbuhel, Austria
9. Couchsurfing through Europe
10. Dublin, Ireland
11. Nice, France
and More!

I did preemptively post some old flashback friday travel posts so check those out.

This is one about WOOFing in the south of france, and I wrote another about my very first travel experience! 

Here is to digging into more of my travel history...and hopefully sooner rather than later!

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