Saturday, February 7, 2015

Trekking in Annapurna: south of Mustang

Last time I talked about trekking in Nepal, I was in Mustang living in a Village, but then our group made our way down and we headed towards Tatopani.

Tukchee --- Tatopaani 

We took a bus for 2 hours from Tukchhe to another town, and then did a good 5 hours of trekking from there down to tatopaani. It was a nice trek on pretty trails, and we all had a good time. We stopped in the middle of no where for lunch, then continued on through. We didn't make it to tatopani until almost 5pm, so none of us went and explored the water. Instead we took advantage of having rooms to ourselves, and grocery stores with CHOCOLATE, and otherwise rested. Tatopani was nice, and a larger town with lots of shops but slightly too touristy. I just wasn't used to it after so much time in the small villages on Mustang.

Tatopaani--- Sikka

We broke up the trip from tatopaani to Ghorepaani into two days because it was a.lot. of uphill. Honestly I did not realize it would be as hard as it was. The first day was tatopani to sikka, and disliking eating while I trek so much I decided to just push through. After leaving about 8:30 in the morning I trekked through until around 2:00 in the afternoon. Then we sat down for Daal Bhatt and we SO ready to stuff our faces. we got served massive portions and all downed the after our long trek almost exclusively up hill. It was a tough uphill climb and I was extremely happy to be at the top finally. Well half way... Sikka was tiny. After eating lunch there was nothing to do. Not many shops or people so it was just a quiet day of hanging out and catching up on Nepali homework.

Sikka ---- Ghorepaani
This was another day of a LOT of uphill, and a lot of stairs and a lot of incredible scenery. It took just as long as the day before, if not longer to get to the top. Once we made it (5 hours ish straight through) it was so SO SO crowded with tourists. Since this is where you stay to go up to poonhill it was just completely overrun with tourists which I disliked. There were however a lot of shops, with tons of books, souvenirs and good trail snacks. Otherwise, too many tourists and not enough quiet and scenery.

Ghorepaani--- Hilne
After our early morning rise for poonhill I was also dreading this hike a bit since I knew I would be tired. It is all down hill, so all those stairs again going down. Downhill is hard in it's own way. But again pretty scenery, and lots of places to stop and eat, have a drink, and enjoy the journey down. You also pass a nice creek, a few waterfalls, and some other things while you walk. It is becoming warmer and you are reaching the climate most similar to Pokhara and Kathmandu. It took me about 4-5 hours. Hilne was small, but there was still a lot going on there.

Hilne--- Pokhara 
This was barely a trek. This was walking down a dirt road for 3 hours then riding a bus for 2 hours to get back to Pokhara, but was still a nice day none the less. I passed a lot of people going upwards towards the poonhill sunrise hike which is very popular with tourists just passing through who only have 5 days to dedicate to the himilayas.

Overall advice:
SPEND TIME ON THE HIMILAYAAS. Don't just do a 5 day trek to see the view and call it quits. The culture in Mustang and the upper parts of the Himalayas cannot be overlooked. It is incredible up there, clear and clean and the mountains are right next to you. If you are going to Nepal, do the whole circuit. Get up to Muktinath temple, explore the higher elevation, and slow down and meet the people and the culture as close to Tibet as you can get. It's a whole different world up there.

Stay Free,
xx Lexie

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