Saturday, April 4, 2015

Flashback Friday: De Efteling- Oldest theme park in Europe

This is the oldest theme park in Europe and it is perfect. It's a much more quaint, old fashioned, adorable, and commercial disney world. If you are ANYWHERE in Holland, Northern France, or Belgium with kids- get yourself to Efteling. 

The four realms, don't remember all of it. But here are the highlights. 

Dream flight: This was our favorite ride. It's low key so all the kids loved it. You go through all of these magical realms and see the fairies, their forest, their floating castles, etc. It was beautiful and magical. We rode it three times. 

Arabian nights:  

Fire and Ice Roller Coaster: 

Another smaller coaster that the little 4-year-old loved as well. I tried the python and while it was a good thrill, the fire-water ride was better- we rode that no less than 15 times. Such a hit. There were no pictures but the kids talked about the roller coasters all the time. 

Fairytale Forest:
My gosh this was great, so cute, and seemingly the only place I took photos. It's awesome.

Younger-kid rides: Cars, boats, swings, carousel. 
There was a whole area with these kind of rides and it was great for all of us to be able to do things!

The fountain show: this was GREAT and so so SO well done. I think it happens every night and I would suggest it 100%. 

TIP: Use the baby swap. If you have a baby this is great since you can trade places with another adult when you ride big coasters. It was great for us.

TIP: Get the app. Like Disney world it has an interactive map that tells you wait times for all of the different rides. Super helpful. 

Where we Stayed:

We rented a little cottage in the village area next to the park. It was a 5 minute walk to the bar entrance and an amazing place to stay! We had rooms for all the kids, a little kitchen, and a quiet area to relax. They had an indoor swimming pool- HUGE hit. And they had the sandman's castle, free breakfast and their own restaurant.  There were also cute little walking paths around the lake that I explored with Monkey a lot. 

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