Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Patan: A lesson in Buddhism

** In light of everything going on in Nepal, I have decided to post some of my recaps to remember the beautiful country and think about all the history and lives destroyed in past days. Many of the beautiful landmarks and historical sites in this post have crumbled into rubble **

With my program in Nepal we went on a tour of Patan, a small city center outside Kathmandu that is known for it's buddhism and temples.

Buddhism has been extremely alluring to me as a religious practice. The lessons in Buddhism we learned were too great to explain just here. But a few choice lessons need to be expressed.

People who are depressed live in the past. People who are anxious live in the future. And people living in the present are at peace. 

The first skill in Buddhism is giving because emptiness in knowledge. 

Peacocks are seen on many Buddhist statues because peacocks take negative things away and give back color, something positive.

When you have no more illusions in life you will be fearless. Illusions are made up of material things. 

Be formless, without attachment 

Who is the most important person: who you are with
What is the most important thing: the thing you are doing now

We were all enamored by his teachings, his practices, and the practices of those who followed him. Just being in the presence of a Buddhist community put us all in a peaceful place.

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