Saturday, April 25, 2015

Love to Nepal

I woke up to my phone going off like crazy at 4am.

I answer to a frantic friend asking if I had heard anything from Nepal.

It took her about 20 seconds to fill me in the earthquake and all I felt was complete and utter fear.

Kathmandu is poorly built, like most of Nepal. The buildings are constructed fast, and they aren't secure. Having lived in Nepal I immediately new what a massive earthquake could mean.

I spent the early morning in terror- watching as the story unfolded. Calling my family in Nepal. Calling my friends in Nepal. Trying to talk to anyone who knew anything. Not getting any answers and rocking in bed in fear.

The morning broke. The death toll was rising. And people here in America starting sending me messages with a link to the news story. They were curious and they knew I had been to Nepal. But I didn't know anything and I didn't want to be reminded about that suffering. It was a news story to them and it was a city I am in love with, a country I call home, and so many people precious to me suffering. 

FLOODS of relief came at 8:12 when my brother finally responded to a message. He was okay. He was alive. All of my immediate family was okay. And alive and outside. The power had been cut in the city and so phone battery was precious. So once I got confirmation that all 9 were alive I let him go. They were spending the night outside.

Slowly news came in. My other friends families were okay, we heard from them one at a time. Houses had fallen down. They were stuck outside but they were okay and alive.

I went to work this morning, continually checking my phone and the computer- watching the death toll get higher and higher. It was a mix between continual relief when I learned another friend was okay, and horror as more and more bodies were uncovered.

Tonight the death toll is at 1,900. 1,900 people.

I know things like this happen all them time. Natural disasters or murders and people die. But it just hits so very close to home for me. This country is beautiful and the people are incredible.

 I feel helpless. On one hand I wish I could be there right now, do anything to help their pain. On the other hand, I.could.have.been.there!

So many emotions today. All that matters is that everyone is thinking of Nepal, the lives lost, and this strong loving generous and welcoming little country.

I'll see you in four weeks Nepal and I think about you every second until I come home. Stay strong and stay safe.

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