Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Budapest Chirstmas Adventure

As I have mentioned in the past, I spent Christmas in Budapest last year and it was easily the best Christmas of my life. It was just such a good reminder that when you travel, all those traveler friends can quickly become your family and being homesick doesn't have to happen.

This Christmas didn't include any presents or real Christmas trees. I didn't open a stocking and gorge myself on chocolate and sweets. There weren't any Christmas movies.

But there was a big Christmas dinner, and eggnog. There were laughs and games. There was an all you can eat BBQ and wine extravaganza. There was santa hats, antlers, giant thrift shop Christmas sweaters and more holiday cheer than I have ever experienced.


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  1. Wonderful experience, indeed! You and everyone around look like you've been all having a wonderful time. I'm glad you had a blast and didn't miss your home that much. Last year's Christmas I spent in Dalang, China - not bad at all :).