Friday, June 6, 2014

Rock Climbing in Turkey

I am now happily living down in the south of Turkey where I will be for about 3 more weeks! I am loving it.

I had a long trip here from the nearest airport, and became extremely lucky to run into the two most lovely Australians. I was carrying my bag onto the bus when a sweet girl offered me a place to set my bag. I gladly accepted and we started talking immediately. She was the sweetest and introduced me to her boyfriend. Within moments we both realized we were making the same long journey. They had been before so they offered to help me find my way, and I was extremely grateful. But even better then that, they were rock climbers- and big ones at that. Within an hour they were telling me all about how they could take me up on the rocks and teach me the ropes of climbing and such. Of course I was all over it- why not?

Well, for the past week and a half I have been climbing every single day. It has been utterly incredible. I have learned so much, seen some amazing climbers, made fabulous friends, worn the hell out of my hands, and seen all the beauty here from an entirely different angle.

Not to mention I have become a pretty decent climber and I think I have a new favorite hobby!

It just goes to show what traveling does to open people up. Talk, explore, and get to know people different than yourself because the opportunities are endless! These are some of the most kind-hearted people I have come across in my life, and their generosity and willingness to take me in speaks heaps about the life of us wanderers.

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