Sunday, June 29, 2014

Working in Amsterdam: First arrived

I arrived in Amsterdam on Thursday evening to some of the best hugs and greeting of my life! I absolutely LOVE my girlies and am so happy to be here working and playing with them.

I wasn't exactly sure what living here and nanny for them would entail, but I have quickly figured it out. It is basically me being a mother to 3 girls under 7. I will show you a glimpse of my first day!

But first- look at the place I get to live - this is nicer than anywhere I have lived in the past year (save my parents house). I get the room all to myself (although I am sure little buddies will find their way in..!)
** Editing to add: yes they have :) ** 

My first day, I woke up before anyone since they were so jet-lagged, and got myself together. I unpacked, went to the kitchen and cleaned up, put a load of my laundry in, checked my e-mail, and hung out. A few hours later everyone else began to wake up. The girls trickled downstairs between 10-11 (but no mom or dad were awake yet). We hung out and cuddled, and even played a few games of castle building.

Then it was time to get them fed breakfast. Monkey requested two over-easy eggs. It only took me 4 tries to get those right, as well as nugget's 2 scrambled, the toast with butter, and fruit. While they were so wonderfully wrestling on the kitchen floor. Jet-lag apparently didn't affect them.

Breakfast done, their mom called down that they both needed baths. Dishes and into the bathtub it was. Dressed, and ready for the day. We went down to play when the baby was brought down. Then while Mom and Dad had breakfast and I played with older girlies and fed the baby.

Then we were ready for the day. Off on a boat ride through the canals. Great way to get the acquainted with the city. The girls did pretty well. After 75 minutes we wound our way to the I Amsterdam letters, climbed around, and hit up a bit of a playground to run off some energy. The girls hit a wall so I took them home and got them lunch while mom and dad took a nap. Downtime for me, then I was asked to get them out of the house again so I took the two of them out on an adventure to another playground and to fly some paper airplanes.

We came home then had to get all of them out to dinner at a restaurant where the baby cried and the girls both had epic meltdowns. It was a long day.

Came home, and was in charge of getting older girls to bed whilst the mom put down the baby.

They finally passed out and I was finished. Except it meant that I was so tired I just crashed instead of actually doing anything I needed to get done.

So yes I am now in Amsterdam being a mom. It's going to be a wild month.

 I get $1,000 a week, room and board. But that is not why I am really in it. I am in it because I got to hear the screams of joy today when monkey saw the I Amsterdam sign for the first time. Because I saw every smile and glimmer in Nugget's eyes as she watched the canals pass us by.  I am in it because of the snuggles, the kisses, the laughs, smiles, joy, giggles, and the 50 "I love you's" I get a day from these perfect little people.

I cannot wait for the fun we have ahead of us!! Welcome to Amsterdam


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