Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quick Stop-over in Budapest

How many times is it for me visiting this city? I think I am 6 separate visits now (and cumulatively 45+ days spent in the city I love!!)

One of the main benefits of having my best mate work at a hostel there is that I can leave heaps of stuff under his bed. That means that Budapest makes an epic home base for me for the summer. So after my month in Turkey I spent 4 days in Budapest just saying hello, exchanging clothes and shoes, and getting some of my last party in before a quiet "recharge" month nannying in Amsterdam.

As usual, my love for the city continues to grow. I hear myself calling in home constantly. When people asked me where I was headed after Turkey I repeatedly responded- oh I'm going back home to Budapest. That's how it feels to me. And I love it.

It breaks my heart every time I leave even if I know I'll be back home in 4 short weeks.

Love you BP.


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