Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nanny life in Amsterdam

My Life in Amsterdam these days. It includes diapers and cries. Cuddles and Naps. Laughing and lots of time at the park. Just what I envisioned.

So far we have been exploring in Vondelpark almost daily. Especially when I have the three of them alone- it makes it manageable. They have some EPIC playgrounds. One is like a high ropes course up in the trees

 And we even did a dinnertime picnic there the other night while Mom and Dad went out to a nice dinner. It was glorious- we found the perfect tree to sit under.

The other day we ran across an awesome little pop up farmer's market that we thoroughly explored with the kids in tow. Our neighborhood is glorious and so well located. I hope to visit this market again many times.

Speaking of how great our neighborhood is- the Holland game was pretty awesome and projected on a big screen  in the museumplein across the street from our apartment! Literally we could see the screen from the front porch. The noise was crazy and the atmosphere was hilarious and awesome. We all kind of got into it. Now we are cheering for Holland 100%. Can't wait for the game on Saturday!!

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