Sunday, July 13, 2014

Amsterdam: What i've been up to with the kiddos

The short answer is just about everything. We have been on so many amazing adventures here in this city. 

I took both girls to the Waterlooplein flea market which turned out to be a HUGE hit for everyone involved. We shopped and looked around. The girls even got to pick out a few fun things. They were troopers even in the rain. The baby stayed home with mom and dad on this particular day. 

We also went to a great indoor play place. 

Another rainy day we went to an American bookstore and restocked on books, although monkey has already finished hers so we will be up for another visit all too soon. (updated, we already went back and still loved it!) 

These girls have become expert tram riders and even have their own tram cards to swipe now. 

Of course there have been a few nights and afternoon in where we ordered food, and did each others hair. 

Not all the days were rainy so we did enjoy some sun. We went to Amstel park which turned out to be awesome. It had train rides, mini golf, petting zoo and rides. It was a long commute with a tram and bus ride but such a good find.

We went to the kinderkookkafe to make our own cookies one afternoon while the little girls were napping. This was a great find. It's tucked right behind Vondlepark and monkey loved having the freedom to create the food herself.  This was a perfect nap time activity. 

There have been bubbles, balloons, and sunshine.  And all way too many happy times. :) 

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