Thursday, July 31, 2014

Van Gogh and A pop-up market: Amsterdam Life

One of the biggest benefits of staying in a place for a full month and essentially "living" there is enjoying small spontaneous things that happen. On one of our last days in the city we had one of those perfect alignment kind of days which was so nice.

We made reservations and took all 3 kids to the Van Gogh Museum. The middle one, nugget, lasted only about an hour inside, which is understandable because it is hard as a little kid. I enjoyed what I got to see and once she was done, I took her and the baby outside to run around until everyone else was done.

So I didn't see all of the Van Gogh museum but I saw a far bit of it and would have rather gone outside with the kids than suffer through a whiny, clingy little girl in a museum. As always, you just have to remember to adjust your expectations when you travel with kids. It's how it goes.

We had a bit to run around outside, in the big green grassy area. We figured we were kind of finished with our day so the parents headed home to get dinner started. I was going to walk with the big girls to Iamsterdam. The girls now how to make themselves at home there.

 When we got there, there was a massive foodtruck, market thing going on. It was pretty awesome and completely made our day. The parents turned back, we ate delicious pancakes, and the girls got face paint. So basically it was the biggest hit ever.

Nights like this, sitting out in the grass, enjoying this city, made me never want to live. It's always the simple things that are the best.

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