Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More of me and kids in Amsterdam

Some random moments of things I did with the kids while in Amsterdam:

Dutch Cheese shops with free samples are the kiddos favorite thing. They had more than their fair share of samples. And we brought some delicious cheese home.

We checked out the houseboat museum. That was a pretty big hit- although it was very small.

More shopping. This girl loves to shop.

This baby is uber cool. Fashion baby in the park. We went to the park almost daily. It was 3 blocks away!!

Dutch children's bookstore. Fun to look, not fun to read if you don't speak dutch like us.

We went to the Nemo which is the most epic children's museum I have ever seen. None of the girls wanted to leave.

The Nemo was incredible. Monkey and I stayed and explored all through the little girls nap time.

All of these were great children based activities to switch it up between museums.

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