Thursday, July 17, 2014

Traveling reality: Sleeping in the airport

I love traveling. Obviously.

All of us do. We love the thrill and the adventure The people. The attitude. The exploring, and getting lost. The culture and the food. The whole experience.

But this also means being pushed outside our comfort zone right to our limits.

So yes, occasionally there are things about traveling that just completely suck. I am uncomfortable, unhappy, tired, dirty, worried, stressed, etc.

Don't take this to mean that I take this lifestyle for granted. I most certainly do.not. I love living a life of travel and these struggles are just part of that. So I decided to write a small series titled "Traveling Reality" because I don't want to come off as the girl who is full of sunshine and rainbows as she travels.

Traveling Reality: Sleeping in the airport.

Budget flights are always scheduled at horrible times. That is just the way it is. That is why they are so inexpensive. So that means that to be a budget traveler you have to sometimes sleep in the airport, or huddled outside the airport, or any combination of these possibilites. And it is extremely unpleasant. "Sleeping" is not really what is happening but more semi-resting our eyes for awhile.

When I was traveling from Turkey back to Budapest I had a horrible night of traveling hell. It took be 22, TWENTY TWO hours to get from south of turkey to budapest. I could have gotten to Australia, or to the states and back in that time. Since where I was working was a bus ride away from the airport I had to head to the airport the night before I was leaving so that I would catch my early morning flight.

It was bright and loud and the seats sucked and there were children running around. They came and sat in the seats As I am clearly attempting to sleep. I had to get up and turn on a movie they were so loud and annoying (this was 12:45 at night).

I didn't sleep at all. But I did eat some delicious chocolate. So I guess that was a highlight?

It was one of those times where I cursed traveling and I hated being a budget traveler. I just wanted to be in a nice hotel, or back home . Not disgusting and tired running around an airport. 

But I got over it, got some proper sleep, and thought about how things when you travel are sometimes complete shit, but that allows you to do things that will blow your mind because they are SO awesome.

Anyone else have some terrible traveling realities. 



  1. I love sleeping at the airports as long as I can find some cozy place in the corner to make myself comfortable. I'm flying to Dusseldorf tonight so let's start the adventure :)!

    1. haha I understand if there is a quiet, slightly dark place. Best of luck!! Can't wait to read about it.