Monday, July 28, 2014

Amsterdam Bos: Visiting the forest with kids

We were not all museums, but planned some days that were 100% kids based to get us outside into the nice weather and exploring all of the green space that Holland has to offer. One of our more "day trip" style adventure was to Amsterdam's Bos, or the Amsterdam Forest. This was such a fun place to visit and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves there.

It is MASSIVE. We had to bring 2 strollers to get the kids through the park but we had such a good time.

We started out at the goat farm. This was just absolutely adorable. You could walk around and pet all the goats. But the best part was paying for the little bottles of milk to feed the baby goats. The girls were scared at first but they warmed up to the idea eventually. And we ended up having so much fun.

They also had a playground to run off some steam. And a little market where you could buy products made from their goats milk- even goat milk icecream which was incredibly delicious.


After the goat farm we walked over to the little mini-port which was about a 25 minute walk through beautiful forest area. It truly was nice to get out of the city for awhile. When we got there we decided to rent a boat for 30 minutes and all cruise down the river to see more of the area.

This was amazing and ridiculously relaxing. The little ones pretended to paddle, and we enjoyed the sun and the serenity of it all. We were the only ones out on the water and I think it was one of the first times the girls had gone out in a boat as well.

I loved it and the kids loved it. This place was such a hit and we could have stayed much longer except for impending nap needs of everyone involved.

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