Saturday, March 29, 2014

Boat cruise, south side Jamaica

On our last day in Jamaica we went out Captain Denis’ Boat cruise. It was superb. Actually I am not sure I have ever had such a great boat tour! The captain was so much fun, had interesting things to say, and loved to joke with us.

We started out by following all along the south side of the island towards black river. It was about 12 miles of just pristine and beautiful coast line. We stopped at the sandbars where the dolphins usually are and waiting. Within seconds there were dolphins swimming everywhere and Captain Denis drove us around following and chasing dolphins for at least 30 minutes, giving all of us a chance to lay in the front and watch the dolphins cross our bow. They were beautiful in the crystal clear water.

After the dolphins we moved up to go down the black river. This was like moving into the swamp land. And this is where we ran into alligators. I mean BIG gators. They were just laying out in the sun ALL over the area. Even close to people. Needless to say we did not get very close.

We stopped at a bar down the river that has an awesome rope swing. At first we were hesitant because, well , we had just seen alligators, but our guide promised us they were much farther up the river. Plus there were so many local swimming. So we sucked it up and jumped enthusiastically into the water from the swing. It was a blast.

After that we turned around a headed back up the river.

Our last stop was at a bar out in the open ocean. The pelican bar was incredible! It is placed on a sand bar and we could wade in the water all around the bar, take your drinks out, and explore. Or you could sit on the docks and just enjoy the sun and nothing but clear blue water all around in every direction.

We cruised the boat back to the beach concluding our 6 hour tour. We chilled out before going to Captain denis’ beautiful house for dinner. They cooked an amazing spread of BBQ for all of us, and treated us so well. It was easily the best meal of the trip.

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