Friday, March 14, 2014

Day trip to YS falls Jamaica

Our volunteer organization took great care of us in Jamaica! The first full day we were there (saturday) our group was taken to YS Falls. We had a very early wake-up call, and then about a 45 minute bus ride, but it was worth it when we arrived at the pristine falls that were free of tourists.

My adventure buddies Lis, Wild Dan and I were so excited and enthralled by the waterfalls flowing one on top of the other!

We walked the path all the ways to the top and reveled in the perfect views. I kid you not when I say we were the only people there. But after walking to the top we had our eyes set on the rope swing right out over the falls.

Lis went in first, and I jumped in right behind her! What a rush and so much fun. We all took turns jumping off and I think I went 6-7 times. We had all had our fill before the first other tourists even showed up. Such a Success!

We spent a few hours relaxing, eating, and swimming the the pool. The a group of 5 of us decided to pay $20 for the zipline tour.

It was definitely worth it and included 5 lines, one of which went over the entire length of all of the waterfalls! It was incredible and our guides were so very fabulous. We all loved it!

I would 100% take a trip to YS falls if you are going to the south side of Jamaica. Such a beautiful and fun visit!

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