Monday, March 31, 2014

Fall 2013: Saturday at a french open air market

The best part about living in Aix-en-Provence was definitely the open air markets that popped up 3 times a week, but Saturday was the busiest day. This market was a mere 20 feet from my doorstep, so essentially the greatest thing ever! I spent so much time there soaking up the smells and sounds of the south of France. There were so many incredible (and local!) vendors. One section was dominated by fruits and vegetables. 


Then there were the French equivalent of food trucks that sold tons of different things. There were also bakers. A couple sold bread and rolls, then there was the greatest cookie man ever who sold delicious biscotti and all other types of cookies. We were good friends and always chatted when I stopped by to pick up some good stuff! Next to him was a man who sold amazing madalenes, which are delicious French cookies. There was also a woman who made fresh crepes. 

In addition to these vendors you had olive vendors, and olive oil and tapenade vendors.  The aisles are filled with free samples to try and if you ask the vendors will let you try just about anything.

There is fresh chevre goat cheese a different vendors, a few who sell honey, specifically the coveted lavender honey, and meat vendors. Every day that the market was open, on the way to class I would stop at the apple vendor for my daily apple which was absolutely delicious. The apple vendor was so strange, singing “pomme pomme pomme” as he sat at the apple stand unloading his stuff.

There was even a separate section with pottery, ceramics, clothes, textiles, and tons of other goodies for around the house. 

The market was so characteristic of southern France and something I miss more than anything. Fresh delicious local food with a story. And you never have to set foot in a super market- just the way I like it.

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