Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fall 2013: "Family" dinners south of France

The group of students I lived with in the south of France loved to make “family” potluck style dinners on Sunday nights. We would all bring a different dish that was assigned based on the theme, hang out, and enjoy each others company.

We did Greek night, breakfast for dinner, pasta night, Mexican night, and more. We celebrated birthdays, made delicious apple pies for a taste of home, and drank wine until way to late for having class the next day.

But we were a family and we savored out time together. Eating, drinking, laughing, talking. We even had our French friends join us. Conservation oscillated between French and English as we caught up on our weekends apart.

The only downside was when you hosted family dinner and had to do dishes once everyone went home… yikes

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