Monday, March 31, 2014

SUMMER RECAP 2013: Making the crossing Croatia to Italy

After visiting Hvar I was ready to move on to Italy because I needed to make my way to Switzerland. I wasn't sure when I was going to leave until I heard that two of my guy friends were headed over the next night. I asked if I could join them and they said of course. They were headed for Rimini because they had both been there before, and I was more than happy to see and hang out with them there!

We took the ferry over from Hvar on a Sunday night. It was headed to Ancona. The ride cost about 44 euros and took 12 hours. It didn't leave until about 11PM so we had a whole day to kill. I hit up the beach one more time, and then sat around drinking beers and watching the sunset with all the Hvar gang. The boys had been on the island for 8 weeks so they were getting pretty sentimental. Needless to say, they got quite a few beers deep. It was hilarious. Then, we went to the ferry. Once we got there we realized we had no food or anything to get us through the night. So we went to the nearest store, got pringles and more beer to help us survive the passage.

We loaded on and set up our own little corner of the floor to sleep on inside. I thought originally we would be sleeping outside so I was actually pretty happy about being indoors. We ate pringles, drank beer, and curled on up the floor to freeze the night away. We used empty beer cans as pillows and took turns cuddling in rig's sleeping bag for warmth. It was a VERY long night but we woke up in a fit of laughs, and starving. Thank GOD we still had half a can of pringles. It was quite the night. Curly and Rig are sure great company!

PRINGLES are perfection

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