Friday, March 28, 2014

SUMMER RECAP 2013: Hvar, Croatia


 After visiting Zadar, I went down to Hvar for 5 days. Hvar is know as the big party island in Croatia, and it does not disappoint! Although with that comes a higher price than the surrounding islands.

Getting there
I took the ferry from Split to Hvar and it took about an hour and 20 minutes, was really easy, and only about 34 euros. Ferry is the only way onto the island and there are ferries from split, and other neighboring islands such as Korcula, and Bol.

I stated at an incredible hostel called Earthers. It is a relatively new hostel and last summer was their first season. However it was amazing and perfect! The owners are these two fabulous guys and it is a very personal and fun hostel environment! It felt homey and only slept about 40 people. The rooms were spacious, nice, and really open with light. They had a small kitchen that you could use, and Geoff would make delicious crepes every morning for the guests (he spends the off season working as a chef on mega yachts so he's incredible!), They would put on events probably 2-3 nights a week like pizza and beer pong, or a BBQ night which were a lot of fun and they would make all this amazing food for us! It was truly incredible!  The best part about Earther's was the view over the harbor. It was about a 10 minute walk from the main town along the water, and was situated up high so you  look down over the ocean and it's incredible! We would watch the sunset on their porch every night, and they had a big bed that we could all sit in if interested. I had such a great time and would have stayed longer if I hadn't found two incredible travel partners to leave with.

What to do:
I spent most of my time on the beach, and there are a lot of great beaches to explore! The water is blue and clear. There are also  a lot of sailing trip and moped rentals. The island is filled with giant roads that wind all the way around the island- So much fun! And such fabulous views. There is an old town area, which I visited and walked around, but mostly I nursed my hang overs swimming and on the water. There are 3 islands a little bit off the coast and you can rent a small boat and go out there swimming and exploring. Some girls at my hostel did that and completely raved about it! It wasn't too expensive either when they split the cost 6 ways for the boat.

Boat cruise:
Earther's and another hostel took us on a boat cruise that included all you could drink sangria and lunch. It was amazing! We cruised the whole island, stopped many times to swim, and overall just completely had a blast.

There is nothing better than enjoying the sun and the sea on a boat. This was one of the main highlights of my trip to Hvar by far. I absolutely loved it.

That is what Hvar is know for- big classy boats and night life! There was absolutely insane nightlife. There were a bunch of bars right my the water and down these alleys near the ocean front that we were that we always kicking it off every night. People do not take nights off there. However, this also might that it was a kind of pricey island overall. All of the pubs to start the night are great, but the reason people go to Hvar is for the main club- Carpe Diem. It is on an island a little bit off the main waterfront area. They have free shuttles that take you over starting at 11PM and then the club in open until 6AM when the take you home. The entrance fee is hefty around $24 dollars, but you enter and you can stay all night. It has 6 different bars, a pool, food, massive dance floor, and ocean access so that you can go swimming as much as you want! The only downside I would say is price, they can jack up their prices as much as they want, and the music. Music on the island isn't really anything to write home about. But it still ends up being So much fun anyway!

I was sad to leave Hvar, and would love to go back someday soon.

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