Friday, March 21, 2014

SUMMER RECAP 2013: Working in Korcula, Croatia


After Montenegro, I headed up the coast to spend a few weeks working at a hostel in Croatia. Sadly, after this experience my camera was stolen at a club, so I have very few pictures of the experience. However, I worked on the island of Korcula for almost 3 weeks. I found the job through work-away and it was really a stroke of luck that they needed  me for the exact time I had free. However, it turned out to be a fabulous experience and I had a great time with everyone. This was my first work away, the crew was great, and my manager was fabulous!

Our work included 6 hour shifts, either AM or PM and then we were free the rest of the day. I was in charge of taking the group out every night. There was one good bar and good club on teh island. Korcula is teh quieter of the Croatian islands, so we did not go out every single night but did make it out most nights. It was the perfect mix of fun and relaxed. The duties for girl staff included check ins, map readings, making beds, laundry and general cleaning. Everyone was responsible for talking to guests, hanging out with them, walking around town with them, and taking them to the beach or cliff jumping. It was the perfect balance of everything! 

Korcula has a beautiful old town, and one nice sand beach. Overall it is a great island for a visit and a nice mix of sun and fun. The old town is just gorgeous. If you are headed to the Croatian islands I would highly recommend the area. 

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