Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Amsterdam: well played

One weekend trip from last fall has slipped through the cracks and that is my weekend trip to Amsterdam. It’s funny because I just thought of how I hadn’t recapped it when I was planning for my month in Amsterdam this summer. It was my 6th weekend in France (the middle of October) and I absolutely LOVED it. I wish I had had more time, because I only had about 2 days, but I sure made those two days count as much as I possibly could!

I arrived around 11 on friday and quickly ran to catch up with the free Sandeman’s tour which was preparing to leave.  I did the general walking tour around the city which was great and I saw just about everything, not that I remember everything but it was good to get a view and an idea of the city.

Then I met up with Finn, an old friend from highschool. Finn and I walked around for awhile and checked out a few coffee shops. Then we went and found our hostel which was flying pig uptown. Once we were checked ni there we headed back downtown to find another friend of ours from highschool, Emmy. Once we all were together we went out exploring for the night to see what was around us. We hit up a few different bars and just overall had a really nice time catching up and seeing the city.

On Saturday we woke up early and went directly to eat Dutch pancakes.

 Then we took our tour of the Heineken museum. I thought that it was cool, but pretty darn overpriced at 18 euros. You do get 2 free beers at the end if you want.

After that we walked around the city some more, exploring different areas and such. We of course visited Vondlepark for a wee bit.

That night we went out again to some weird club. It was a much more “druggy” style club scene so there was deep house, no lights, and people standing up against the walls just nodding their heads to the music. But we met some awesome people and had a pretty nice time!

Sadly I had to leave early Sunday morning and feel like there is SO much more I could have seen. So I am extremely happy to be going back there for a month this summer to sink my teeth into more of what the area has to offer!

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