Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stockholm: for the love of moose..?

We decided to take a hopper flight from Copenhagen to Stockholm since we had the time and the chance to do it. Plus it is always fun to add a new country to the list. Why not check out Stockholm? And it was very much worth it.

We arrived about 11AM and then went straight to our Hostel which I was not a big fan of. However we got everything squared away, bundled up for the cold, and went out to explore the old part of the city which is one of the many islands that make up the city of Stockholm.

The old town was incredible! C and I felt like were were exploring a winter wonderland of adorable stereotypes. Somehow this ancient streets of Stockholm stole our hearts. With the colorful buildings and the cute twinkle lights. We saw adorable warm hats and sweaters and I wanted to buy everything. Somehow suddenly blue and yellow were my favorite colors. I just can't explain it but the charm and beauty was overwhelming. I have never felt that way about a city and an area.

We tried homemade chocolate and candy. It made me want to move to Scandinavia, by snow shoes and explore forever.

Their obsession with moose is also just all too funny as well. I fell in love with Moose too because well Moose

We watched the candy maker for awhile and ate fresh warm candy. It was the best candy cane I ever ate and I took a fair amount home with me to eat and give as presents. YUM!

The main problem was that it got dark at 3:30PM so we wandering in the dark for quite awhile before retiring to a Cafe for lattes and some warmth. Finally it became 8:30 and we were completely out of things to do especially since it was so dark, so we decided to just go back to our hostel.

I very much regret not going out that night but we just did NOT have the energy or willpower to brave the cold dark night. It was too much. But we did see a Santa Sleigh when we were headed home. Stockholm was a magical dream-like winter wonderland.

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