Friday, May 2, 2014

Fall break 2013: Prague, Czeck republic

I took a bus from Budapest to Vienna and then Vienna to prague. There are buses that run direct but they were all sold out the week I was traveling so I had to branch two together. I got a suggestion from a friend to go stay at the MadHouse in Prague, and that was a Briliant idea!

I arrived pretty late Tuesday night, and then from the bus station walked my way to the public transport. The ride to MadHouse was relatively easy. I checked in around 10PM. People were out for the night and I decided to just go to sleep and meet new people in the AM. I was pretty exhausted. I checked into my awesome room and was ready for some sleep.

I woke up the following morning and there were not to many people hanging around. So I got some breakfast and then decided to do the New Europe tour and get a good tour of the town. The free walking tour leads through the main right side of the city. It meets near the main square so I headed out to look around. Markets were up and running in the square so I peeking in to see some yummy homemade czech food. Then I meet up with our tour.

The tour was great, and I LOVED it. I don't remember a lot of what we say but the tour guide was great and the whole thing lasted about 3 hours. I have to say that Sandeman's New Europe is one of my absolute favorite things to do in Europe and I do it in almost every single city I visit (and love it!).

After the tour I wandered some more to see some sights, and then headed back to the Hostel for the night. That was my first night out with the hostel and I met so many wonderful people! We started out drinking beer and hanging out in the TV room they have which is pretty epic. They were playing the movie hostel which was not a great choice but I degress. Then we played some awesome stack cup (with solo cups! <--- So American...) and headed out to a few neat places around the city.

My Thursday started a little slower with sleeping in and such. Then I went on the afternoon tour of castle hill which is an awesome massive extensive castle area with a church, the gates, shops, and incredible views of the city. Prague castle is basically a neighborhood and is such a neat place.

I made my way back to MadHouse for a night out. That night happened to be Halloween which was just all too perfect. So I went back and ransacked their dibs bin for some sort of outfit.  I don't know what I came up with by I do know that I had such a fun night.

MadHouse was a great hostel with a family atmosphere. It only sleeps 26 people and you do activities together every night so it is very perfect.

I had an intresting destination after my time in Prague... stay tuned.

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