Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Strasbourg: Capital of Christmas

The last weekend I had in France was a trip planned with my group to Strasbourg. It is in Northern France on the German border in the region of Loraine. But what Strasbourg is really famous for is their Chirstmas markets. They have the oldest chirstmas markets in Europe which were quite a treat for me to visit! We had a full weekend there and not much planned so I got plenty of time to explore the 7-8 different areas with markets. It was beautiful and cheerful.

Our trip started with a tour of the EU parliament, which is also in Strasbourg. It was a pretty interesting tour to learn about the process there.

The markets have everything. They have gifts and tinker toys, homemade ornaments and flowers, and food. Most notably would be alsacien food like sauerkraut and pretzels and the "pain epice" sold all other the markets. 3 days was a little too much time to explore the markets, but they were interesting a beautiful, and the whole town has a lot of charm.

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