Thursday, May 8, 2014

Travel: What's next

So I leave in the morning for my next trip. I haven't talked about it yet because I have been busy getting myself ready. But I leave tomorrow and I will get back on December 22nd. Yep, that's almost 8 months that I will be gone. I'm a little nervous on the eve of my trip, but extremely excited to go traveling and exploring and not be stuck here in a box that is normal life. So where am I going?

1. Budapest, Hungary

You could have easily guessed this one. I've shared countless times about how this is my favorite city as of late. I cannot wait to see my friends, explore, and be back in a place I consider my second home! Cannot.Wait. Too much excitement to contain.

2. Antayla, Turkey

I am going to do some workaway stuff in the south of Turkey for about a month. I've never been and I am super excited to see the beautiful coast line that I have wanted to see for awhile. It will be a great way to keep myself from spending more as a I travel while meeting great people and enjoying

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

I will be nannying in Amsterdam for 4 weeks.  It will be awesome to have no expenses and enjoy the kiddos that I love so much. I've been to Amsterdam once for a long weekend but I am completely pumped to see and explore more of the city! There is SO much there to do with kids- I have researched it like crazy. And we are going to do a lot of exploring of most of the Netherlands while we are there since it is so small. There are tons of adventures and daytrips in the books and can't wait to see a region though the eyes of a child.

4. Trondheim, Norway

I get to go back to another city that has total won me over. And I get to spend time with my girl Mare again. Last time I was in Norway, it was a beautiful and covered in snow. I'm so excited to see it this time in the summer. We are going to road trip a bit, explore, and see a place that is a beautiful spot to visit in the summer. I have a soft spot for Scandinavia, and maybe we will never get on the water!

5. Nepal

I'm headed all over Nepal for 4 months to study all kinds of amazing social development and change. Its going to be incredible- my first time in Asia. I will give you more details as I know them but so far it includes trekking in the himlayas, staying with a family in Kathmandu, and visiting elephant and wildlife parks in the south. Am I excited? YES. I don't even know how to be excited for this!!

So many things to look forward too.

Let's see if I get any sleep tonight....

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